2018 Grant Nominees

Link Federal Credit Union would like to introduce you to our four finalists for our Link Grants! Please read about each organization and vote for your favorite!

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DePauw University - The Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare

DePauw University’s mission is to develop leaders the world needs through an uncommon commitment to the liberal arts. DePauw's diverse and inclusive learning and living experience, distinctive in its rigorous intellectual engagement and its global and experiential learning opportunities, leads to a life of meaning and means. DePauw prepares graduates who support and create positive change in their communities and the world.

Spring 2019 will mark the seventh season of The Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare, the culminating production of the DePauw Communication & Theatre course, "Shakespeare in the Schools." It features performances of Shakespeare plays directed by DePauw students and starring Putnam County middle and high school students.

In the course, "Shakespeare in the Schools," DePauw students are project directors, designers, and managers. The directing teams are responsible for the success of the program in the Putnam County school system. DePauw student directors study the selected play, design the production, cast the show, rehearse the show for nine weeks, work with local school administration, and produce the play at the end of the semester during The Spring Spectacle of Shakespeare. Through the program, DePauw student directors gain leadership, collaboration techniques, and mentorship skills while local middle and high school students gain confidence, performance experience, and language skills. This program is truly a collaboration between DePauw and the local community.

As much as this long-standing program has demonstrable success, we also recognize some limitations. Current funding shortfalls prevent us from purchasing costumes and props. Typically students use what is available in their own closets. LINK FCU funding will be used for more professional, versatile props and costumes to support the plays in the 2019 season and the years that follow. With our newly renovated Moore Theatre, we hope to make these performances more professional with true costuming, giving the young performers more confidence in their roles and performance.

Please join us in voting for this project! In the words of Sebastian in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, "I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks."

Divas Honoring Divas

Divas Honoring Divas seeks to address low self esteem/self worth and poor self-care in women by providing programming to empower them utilizing the arts, beauty, and education. This grant will help fund our program, the Love Tours. It’s goal is to encourage and uplift women in transition, offering them an opportunity to receive a moment of relief, empowerment, education and love in order to continue to pursue success in their current obstacle.

Our Love Tour provides women in homeless shelters, transitional homes and support groups with an in-house 2 hour workshop. Each Tour is comprised of an interactive art or beauty project coupled with a facilitated teaching and conversation on life skills and self care tools infused with music from local artists and finished with a good meal and flowers for each lady. Our Love Tours are specifically tailored to the needs of each facility. The women are provided with a moment of pampering and/or creative release all the while educating them on life skills and tools to empower themselves as they overcome their current obstacle. The unique part of our program is that our volunteers bring our programming to life by sharing their personal testimonials of overcoming transition and interact with the women on their level. We also provide a platform for local artist to share their gift of art, music, and/or poetry so that the women can receive empowerment through multiple forums.

We typically service 10-30 women at each Love Tour on average with our largest Tour serving 50 women. In just under 2 years, we have serviced over 200 women in this program thus far. We have successfully expanded from quarterly Tours to bi monthly tours and plan to expand to monthly Tours in 2019. Here is what some of the women shared about their experience, "I received flowers for the first time in my life and it made me feel like a woman again", "You all are inspiring, I realized today that I need to see things all the way through", "We hear a lot of people come talk to us, but you guys gave me something that will stick with me forever. I know I’m going to beat this!", "I was most inspired by the women who spoke about their lives and related it to us". Our Love Tours have definitely made an impact on the women we have serviced and we strive to expand this service to reach others. Our future goal is to provide our Tours weekly around Indiana and surrounding states.

Receiving this grant would allow us to meet our goal of expansion to 12 Love Tours. The grant would cover the costs of 5-7 Tours including art/beauty supplies, food, fresh flowers, administrative costs, and decor. We would like to bring hope and inspiration to as many women as we can as they strive to be their best selves. Please check out our website honoringdivas.org to learn more about our organization and programs.

Family Promise of Hendricks County

Family Promise of Hendricks County is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was formed in 2012 by a group of concerned citizens who saw that homelessness was impacting their friends and neighbors in Hendricks County. There were no shelter options for homeless families with children in Hendricks County. Two years were spent preparing for our program launch in March 2015 with our first Executive Dirctor and Resource Center. We began housing and supporting homeless families. We quickly realized that the need for our services was far greater than our capacity. Family Promise now has three family advocates and an executive director providing housing, stabiliy services and homelessness prevention.

Family Promise of Hendricks County transforms the lives of families experiencing homelessness and poverty in Hendricks County with the goal of achieving sustainable independence. We provide residential housing for 3-4 families for 2-3 months. Each day we provide intense case management to fast-track these families from homelessness to stability. In 2018, 18 families have graduated from the program and are thriving in their own home. We stay with the family for up to 2 years to ensure their stability. We also provide support services, homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing. These families stay in their cars, camp, motels or double-up until we can find housing for them while receiving support services. These families also include those we work with to stay in their current home, instead of becoming homeless. To-date in 2018, 38 families are now stable utilizing this model.

Family Promise ends and prevents homelessness for families in and around Hendricks County. Our home base is our Resource Center located in Avon. It is a vibrant hub where those experiencing homelessness and poverty in Hendricks County can access affordable housing, childcare, transportation, employment assistance and life skills to achieve stability.

Hendricks County Young Marines

The Young Marines started as a National Charter in 1965. We have over 300 Units worldwide. It all started in the garage of a Marine Drill Instructor, who thought some of the values and discipline he instilled in his recruits, would also be good for his children. We are not a recruiting arm for the U.S. armed forces, nor do we allow recruiters around our children. Our kids range in age from 8 to 18, and we have both boys and girls. We often say, we are America’s best kept secret, as so many have never heard of us, but since those early days, this wonderful program has changed the lives of countless kids across this Nation.

Our mission at Hendricks County Young Marines, is simple, through Discipline, Teamwork, and Leadership, help our youth make better choices, in their lives. We work hard at instilling personal responsibility into their lives. We teach them the dangers of drug, and why living a healthy drug free lifestyle will improve their position in life. We teach them to say "Yes Sir" and "No Ma’am", and we teach them that there are better ways to spend their time, other than playing on their X-Box.

Community service is our heart. Naturally we gravitate towards our Veterans, but we work hard for our community as a whole. We participate in every Indy Honor Flight, escorting WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam Veterans into their reception hall. We decorate Veterans Graves at 4 cemeteries, putting flags on our Veterans resting place. We rake leaves, clean up areas that need attention, and help wherever we are needed. We have collected and donated over 3000 toys for the Toys for Tot’s drive, and we have donated hundreds of pounds of food to local food pantries, Our Unit got its charter five years ago. And since that time, we’ve hit the ground running. Our very first year, with a small handful of kids, we organized Pittsboro’s 4th of July Parade, when it looked like that event wasn’t going to happen. Since that time, we’ve turned the 4th of July Parade into the Pittsboro Freedom Celebration with, not only a parade, but a day long event, with live music, and a spectacular firework show. We work hard to raise over $10,000.00 to put this event on for our community.

Last year, we were approached by the Park Board and the Pittsboro American Legion, about getting a Veterans Memorial put in our Park. We, along with the Bearded Villains of Indiana, raised $5600, and today, that memorial is being made, and our hope is to dedicate it, this Spring.

Nov 10th, we are hosted our third annual "Thanks for Giving" Dinner. We offer a free meal for Veterans and their families. Last year, we served over 120 meals, and we expect this years event to double in size. We are a very small group (25 kids), doing very BIG things. Our kids are proud, their Parents are proud, and the seven Registered Adults who assist running the Unit are proud of our accomplishments.

Our Unit has been recognized Nationally, as well. We have been named Division Unit of the Year twice. We have received the coveted "Kiki Camerena" Award, from the DEA, for our drug demand reduction work, and been named Battalion Unit of the Year, for the 3rd year in a row.

Although we are part of a National Organization, each Unit is responsible for raising our own operating funds. Quite frankly, we fundraise for everything we do. Camping, Unit events, Christmas Parties, and the expense of running the unit, rests entirely on our ability to raise money. While we are quite successful at raising money for events that directly affect the community, we often find it difficult to fund the things that make the experience "FUN" for kids.

If we are fortunate enough to be picked for this grant, the money would be put towards buying some new gear for Camping, as well as helping fund our end of year party for our kids, who do so much for others.

Again, we are honored to be considered for your grant, and we hope we are the type of organization, that you can be proud of. Our kids work hard, and they do it, not for money, but for that feeling they get to hold on to, for the rest of their lives. That is a reward money cannot buy, however, nothing comes free, and any help we get along the way, is greatly appreciated.

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